Local Church........Global Impact

Community Life Church is committed to serving our community and our world. Christ first loved us therefore we can love others. CLC has been part of multiple projects to bless and provide for the needs of those in our local community. Our Gym and Banquet facilities also are open to numerous public/community organizations. The Summer of 2011 was a turning point in our ministry. Taking on the name of Community Life Church also meant that we would strive to exemplify a Church that was committed to serving our Community. It started with some picnic tables but little did we know that a few months later we would be tested in the commitment that we made. Hurricane Irene devastated many in our community as well as those in surrounding communities. Community Life Church acted as an aid distribution center and an emergency shelter. We organized multiple teams to assist in the recovery efforts. Not only did we do this but we also were able to continue our monthly support of over 20 international ministries. This was more than any of us could have done without the provision and grace of our Lord and Savior.