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Childlike Audacity

As a pre-teen my family spent about six months living with my grandparents in Maine. As soon as we settled my grandmother (Granna was her chosen grandmotherly name), made sure that the sewing machine found a home in my bedroom. It was one of those machines that was built into the table. And I promptly began aspiring to all the projects I could make with it. Of course, it’s only natural that I should start with big dreams and so I chose a twin quilt to start. Granna graciously donated a closet full of Grampa’s old shirts for the project and I set to work. I had no patten – just this concept of 12 x 12 squares made up of various geometric shapes.

I had the childlike faith that I was able - that I could make a quilt if I set my mind to it. I was not bound by the harsh judgment of my own perfection that often enters with adulthood. Isn’t this the picture that Jesus painted of children? In the book of Matthew, He brings the children up on His lap, and proclaims that unless we become humble like little children, we will not enter the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 18)

As we get older, through the lived experience of disappointments, grief and challenges faith is tested. We become more cognizant of how hard the world is. Often the impossibility of something or the sheer size of a task may make us want to shrink back in fear.

Belief is not a simple task. It is not belief in ourselves, but the humility to believe in God who is able. One day a demon possessed boy was brought to Jesus. His father came to Jesus, asking for deliverance for the boy, yet ended his petition with the words, “if you can”. Jesus questioned this, did the father really believe? Then the father recognized his own unbelief and asked God for help to believe. (Mark 9:24)

To live in peace, belief is foundational. We must work at training our heart to believe like a little child, asking for God to help us in our unbelief. Asking for help doesn’t have to be complicated. Just pray a simple prayer like this, “Father God, I want to believe with the audacity of a little child, but I struggle to believe for so many things. In my heart I struggle to believe that you are a good Father – that you are for me and that you have a good meaningful plan for my life. I ask for help in my unbelief. Amen.”

By Naomi Fata

Excerpt from her new book Stitching Your Story Piece by Peace, coming in the fall of 2024

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