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Be a Part of the Missions!  We need HELP reaching our kids with the good news of Jesus!

Community Kids

You can be a part of this VITAL MISSION!  Here is a list of the positions available to you as a servant of God.    

Bible Storytelling Lesson Team
As part of the Bible Storytelling Lesson Team, you will be working with the team to develop a flow of Bible Stories Thematic Lessons that will help the kids draw closer to God. Each team member will rotate through on Sundays (as the team deems fit) and lead the bible storytelling lessons. Your mission will be to draw the kids closer to God and to help familiarize them with the rich stories of the Bible. 


Music Sound Technician
Music Leaders will get the opportunity to choose and learn songs as well as the motions to each song to guide the kids along. We will also need sound technicians to run the videos, turn on microphones and play the songs for our music gatherings.


Each Sunday, the kids will get time to play in the gym or outside. Game Leaders will organize, lead, and explain the weekly games to our kids helping them build relationships with one another.


Snack Leaders help organize and serve the kids their snacks. These leaders will be responsible for preparing, counting out, and serving the snacks needed for each group /class.  

If you want to be a part of this talented team, fill out and submit ths form.  We will be in touch!!  

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