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A Place to Call Home-Belong.  
Learn who we are and what we believe.  

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You can get to know us and our leadership by taking our Belong class.  You can then sign up for the next Belong dinner.  

Live Belong Class

Sign up for the next live Belong class.  Click this box, or call or email the church (email and phone numbers are at the bottom of this page). 

Online Belong

Watch our online Belong videos. Click here to see a list of the videos with the instructions.  

Instructions for the online class. 

1. Download the manual by clicking on the link marked “Belong Manual”. You will use this along with the videos. ​

2. Go to the page labeled “Table of Contents” and watch the video for each lesson. The first video, named “Belong” tells you about the class. Videos two through five are about various areas of CLC. ​

3. After that there is a Spiritual Gifts worksheet to help you identify your area of spiritual gifting. The appendixes go into more detail about the theology of CLC. ​

How to Become a member.  ​

If you have watched all the belong videos and want to become a member, please complete the spiritual gifts worksheet at the back of the belong book. This will help you identify those areas where you may have a spiritual gifting. Once you have finished please click on the New Member Form button below and complete the membership application form. Or you can complete the paper form and submit it to the office or give it to one of the elders on Sunday. Once we get it, we will be in touch with you. ​

Finally, don't forget to sign up for the Belong Dinner at the bottom of this page. Thanks!

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