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The Ancient Kingdom of Israel was real.

A lot of scholars claim that the ancient Kingdom of Israel was made-up, hundreds of years after the events described in the bible. All the stuff we read about the conquest Canaan, they assert, is propaganda created to support the claim that the Jews had to the land of Canaan. If that were the case, there should be no evidence of a Kingdom of Israel in Canaan before 1000 BC. But there is good evidence of this kingdom!

There is a piece of stone known in archaeological circles as the “Merneptah Stele”. It was found in 1896 in Thebes, Egypt by a man named Flinders Petrie. It was created around 1208 BC. When the writing on the stele was translated, the name of the Kingdom of Israel was found on it. The Egyptians defeated them in the battle recorded on the stele.

Did the Egyptians make this up to help support the claim of the Jews to the land of Canaan many years later? Of course not! This is just more evidence that supports that what we read in the bible is, in fact, an accurate record of history. We can trust the bible!

You can read more about this stone on Wikipedia, go to this link:

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