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Who is the Jacob guy found in Egypt?

Was there a man named Jacob in Egypt before the Exodus? The bible says there was. If we could find some evidence of him, that would be great news.

This is also from the book written by Doctor Titus Kennedy, “Unearthing the Bible”. In it he lists 101 archaeological items that support the text of the bible. I have also seen this in other places on YouTube, and in various books.

Anyway, scarabs have been found in several places in Egypt with the name “Yaqob” on them. In the book of Genesis this is “Jacob”. He was the grandson of Abraham, and son of Isaac, as well as the father of twelve sons (and a daughter). Of these twelve sons one, Joseph, was sent to Egypt where he became the second in command of that nation. (The whole story can be found in the book of Genesis, chapters thirty-seven through fifty. There is a lot more to his life!)

After he was in charge his brothers and father, Jacob, came to live with him. In the approximate time of the scarabs. This does not mean this was the same person mentioned in the bible. However, this is not an Egyptian name, and it is not found in any other period. This tells us that there were Hebrews living in Egypt at that time, and at least one of them was named Jacob.

The skeptical view of the Exodus story is based not on archaeological evidence that contradicts the bible, but on a perceived absence of evidence that confirms the bible. The evidence described by Dr Kennedy, and many others, is the sort of evidence we would expect to find if the story of the life of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob was true. So yes, we do have evidence of the Exodus story outside of the bible.

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