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The Bible is Being Attacked! But...There is no Need to Worry!

If we look at what is being said on social media as well as in print about the reliability of the bible, we may get discouraged. People are saying all sorts of things that are either a half-truth or outright wrong. One area of attack is the reliability of the bible, especially the New Testament. And one of the biggest misrepresentations we may hear is the “400,000 variants” myth.

Simply put, this myth says that there are so many variants in the New Testament manuscripts that it cannot be trusted. To begin with, there are two links below that dispose of the myth rather handily. I recommend you watch them; they are remarkably interesting.

The counter argument is this; the vast majority of the 400,000 variants are meaningless. Spelling errors, we must remember that there were no dictionaries at that time and no phones with spell checkers turned on, or word order errors. The Greek language is not as fussy about word order as English is. The rest are minor issues that Mr. Winger handles easily.

So, spend about two hours (or a little more) listening to these videos. You will be encouraged!

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